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The Micro Market advantage

A micro market is an unmanned retail space where individuals can choose their favorite food and beverage items and pay through a kiosk. Micro markets offer a wide variety of items that are restocked regularly.

Self-service food options and convenience at no cost to your organization!

Looking for a more choices for food and beverages for your employees? You have come to the right place. When it comes to providing quality workplace refreshment, more companies are switching to Selective Refreshments Markets. Join the micro market revolution today!

Avanti Machine

Innovative technology

Selective Refreshments Markets’ technology facilitates an intuitive, simple and enjoyable experience for the consumer, whether paying at the kiosk, interacting with the Avanti Markets App or checking Market Account funds at home.

Versatile options

Micro markets empower consumers with choice and the ability to pick among so many different fun and exciting food and beverage options. Plus, each micro market is customizable for the locations’ needs and preferences.

Avanti Machine

Advanced equipment

Selective Refreshments Markets uses today’s leading equipment at every touchpoint in order to offer customers with the best products possible. This includes energy-efficient coolers, attractive fixture displays, stylish kiosks and a full security system.

Ready to take advantage of the Micro Market in your space?

Become a Customer

Call or email us toll free to inquire about your low pricing quote. Selective is proud to offer outstanding 24/7 service to our customers throughout the greater Delaware Valley and beyond.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Problems are bound to occur from time to time. What sets a company apart from others, is how quickly they respond and how they resolve the issue. You are that company!
I appreciate how you respond to my emails and any issues I bring up to you. Pete came in yesterday and fixed the problem with the machine, he resupplied me with petty cash and then this morning Rob double checked that everything was ok and asked if I needed anything else. Great service! Thank you!

Chris Brooks | Berry Global Inc. | Purchasing Clerk
I wanted to take a moment to sing some praise on our vending machine company here at NG. I made the switch from RDS to Selective Refreshments over the summer and could not be happier with product, customer service, pricing, commission, integrity, no confusing and long-term contracts and BLOCS commitment -things we did not get from our previous vendor.

Tim is always on top of things ... his attention to details is commendable.© Hope you both have a good week.

Sandra Shaws | Mauser Packaging
On behalf of the DC associates, thank you for taking their input and making immediate changes; not only has the items in the vending machines changed, but the addition to the card readers too. Your attention to these details and quick action is very much appreciated!

Barbara Marks | DC Administrative Coordinator - Airgas Safety | Airgas
I am so sad I missed seeing you today. It has been such a pleasure working with you here at Oliver-Tolas. You need to know how happy the employees are with your services.

Virginia Page | Human Resources Assistant | Oliver-Tolas
Jeff - Thought you would want to know I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on the vending – the service, selection, quality – people are very happy. It looks like they’re really tearing through the fresh food…

Jacquelyn Eddis | Vice President | Bake Rite Rolls
We have the occasional glitch when someone loses a dollar but otherwise I have not had one single complaint about anything! That is unheard of.

Virginia Page | Human Resources Assistant | Oliver-Tolas
The crew that work for you are the nicest, most polite and personable men that have come into the building. Well done Jeff- that is quite a compliment to you.

Virginia Page | Human Resources Assistant | Oliver-Tolas


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